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Stunting noise (Felt 4)

Coming from Toon, a small Japanese town which belongs to the Ehime province, Hitoshi Asaumi delivers very unexpected sounds when compared to contemporary beat culture. Leedian disguise has been around for two years now and listening through his work one can find it difficult to categorize his music. From extreme noise, he switches fast to melodic pop backed by organic beat, then quickly back to the extreme noise.

There is an inevitable innocence deriving from his tracks, mainly with regards to their length. His music feels like an “arranged marriage” of the punk approach to composition with experimental electronic sounds. The result is rewarding and raw sounding. Jazz and electronic influences melting together in a chaotic doom-sounding noise.

This album is a collection of his best moments making music as Leedian. While his sound texture remains constant throughout the album, differences in composition alter the mood deliberately from start to finish offering a deep insight into Leedian’s work.

Edition of 50 hand-numbered ferrik cassettes. Mastered by Hitoshi Asaumi.

Released 1 Jun 2012.

album preview(.WAV 44.1kHz 24bit)